My Health Summarized

As I wrap up eating my interesting lunch(Total time taken: 1 min 26 sec), let us reflect on that which we have consumed.  Lunch today was from Hank’s Haute Dogs.  Ohhh Haute Dogs.  The things you do to me. So much selection.  So much exercise must be done later.  So good.

My lunch (Not included in this photo: My arteries)

My lunch (Not included in this photo: my blood pressure)

Let me try to explain as best I can about this Haute dog.  It is a sausage, wrapped in bacon, then deep fried.  And just to make you feel a little better, it’s sprinkled with some lettuce and some tomato slices.  It’s like ordering a negative Taco Salad.  Some people buy Taco Salads to try and make themselves feel like they’re ordering something healthy.  It’s okay for me to eat that, it’s a Taco SALAD.  This is like the opposite of that.  You know this is gonna hurt.  It even says on the menu “This will kill you!”  That only makes me want to eat it more.  But when you really sit down, and think about it.  This Fat Boy Haute Dog is the love child of a BLT sandwich and a Deep Fried Hot Dog.  They even put a little mayonnaise on it, which does add something too it.  That bit of salty with the sweet from the mayonnaise.  Yeah yeah, not everyone likes mayonnaise.  But it fits well.  Alas the Fat Boy.  I ate it fast.  And I feel like one.  So good.  Soo good.


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  1. lchunhori

    I think you should’ve named this entry “Haute Blawg”

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