Office Mystery . . .

Like AT&T, Isle Concierge is raising the bar.

Generally, usually, mostly . . . we like to keep our office in good standing order. Sitting in the office late last week Friday though, I finally noticed that all our staplers in the office had been sitting on our counter all nicely together for pretty much the entire week… a week that was anything but orderly. Now there are several things that are pre-determined or planned in our office, but then there are moments like these… completely random moments of order amongst the insanity. It’s a mystery.

We learned a lot this week… not fun learnings… it was the growing kind. It was pandemonium, a madhouse, re-donk-ulous or that’s how I felt it was. When I revisit this week, I think of explosions and headaches… but amongst that, our three little staplers ended up in complete order? What does it mean? Perhaps it is a reminder that though we may think everything is in disarray, it’s not so…. there were no explosions, no riots, and certainly no wounds. Or are these three little staplers a reference to AT&T’s ever so famous slogan “Raising the bar” and in that sense, this week we have raised the bar through the different experiences and craziness? This could be a possibility too because all this learning has led to upgrades in our system… hmmmmm…

Blame it on one of our OCD staff members (which one? we don’t know… we’re all a little OCD) or on coincidence or on the fact that I am truly exhausted, but these little staplers have led me to realize something about us this week.  Our team has somehow established control and focus amongst our chaos… maybe it was always there and we never paid attention to it, but now it has my full attention. We are also raising the bar everyday through the many random things we help people do. Today it was tying bows on boxes (which is not as easy as you think) that were much too small. Next week it could be folding 1,000 origami cranes for a wedding. Whatever it may be, we will learn to do it and perfect it… that’s how we’re raising the bar.

You marinade on that… and if it doesn’t make any sense don’t worry, you’re not alone.

. . . burning the midnight oil, after hours.


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