Pets At The Plaza

The 2009 Pets @ The Plaza Event took place on Friday, June 26th on the front lawn of Restaurant Row at Waterfront Plaza. The idea of having a pet event on this property came from the fact that it is one of the few pet friendly properties in Honolulu… well that and the fact that we love pets and Friday, June 26th was the official Bring Your Pet To Work day, so hey… why not?

Our goal as the event coordinators for this event was to bring specialty pet items and services to the property for all pet lovers. Though the property is a pet friendly one, some offices in the property aren’t so much. So if you couldn’t bring your pet to work, then at the very least you could shop for them šŸ™‚

Mahalo to all of our vendors for participating and joining us. If you missed Pets @ The Plaza, and can’t wait a year for the next one, we’ll keep our list of vendors below so you can visit them year round.

And of course, we MUST thank our sponsors of the event for everything! Without you we couldn’t have done it, so Mahalo Nui to Pacific Office Properties, Honolulu Star-Bulletin & Midweek, and Hawaiian 105 KINE.

Event photos from this year’s Pets @ the Plaza are located in the Flickr sidebar as well as here. KITV also stopped by and did a story, so if you missed the event, watch the video….It’ll be just like you were there šŸ™‚

Hotel Renew

Sirius Puppy Training

di Ventus

The Green Retriever

Alvarado Photography

Animal Care Foundation

Return A Pet LLC


5 responses to “Pets At The Plaza

  1. Are you still excepting vendors for this fair? If so, please contact me at Ph. #808-366-6650.

    Kim Natal

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  3. I love dogs! I wish I could take my pet to work day! We have a regular pet guest on Fridays but that’s always a homeless dog šŸ™‚ Though sometimes Tammy Kubo the Pet Nanny is the backup if the regular guy calls in sick. I will have to drop by with Inca to your fair!

  4. Hello. Fantastic job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your full site. Thanks!

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