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Raise The Woof

Today was a day of naming things, which is always difficult. Trying to be witty, clever, professional, and have it all make sense with the event you’re putting on is just downright ridiculous.

One of the many events we named today was for our upcoming pet fair that we’re hosting at one of our corporate properties. After an hour on the phone we settled on ‘Pets at the Plaza’. Simple, classy, & appropriate… unlike ‘Raise the woof’. All the talking about names and dogs makes me want to talk about my dog… Aja 🙂

Aja Baby

Aja (pronounced like Asia), was technically named after me. That was supposed to be my name because my Dad loved the song by the group Steely Dan. For about 15 min she was named Lola, but in the end Aja was probably the best name for her 🙂

She’s a sassy Tibetan Spaniel/Daschund mix that loves to look out windows, eat vegetables, act like she’s digging, & thinks she should shower every night. When we bought Aja, she was the last puppy on sale. No one wanted her so they put her on sale. My Dad didn’t want me to get her at first, claiming she didn’t have “personality”. When I picked her up to hold her and tried to look her in the eye to see if she would respond, she’d move her face away from me and she even sighed… like “ugh… don’t bother me. I’m tired.” I walked out of the puppy swap meet only thinking about that snobby little puppy. I was almost offended that she snobbed me. But, after 20 min I found myself running back into petland kahala hoping no one took her home! To my relief, she was still there, lying on her paws…. & then the adventure began. After 2 days at home she had already begun destroying toys, stealing socks and hiding them, and also got stuck under a night stand. My Dad and brothers were quickly won over by her… so much for no personality.

I think the best part of my day is coming home… the second I walk through the door, Aja’s there jumping on my leg, trying to tell me about her day. She truly is like my own kid that I’ve raised. It’s just funny how emotionally attached we get to our pets.

I’ll leave you with a cute puppy video of Aja on her second day at home… hope it brightens your day 🙂


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