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Tis the Season–Right Now

Life comes at you pretty fast, especially this time of year when there’s parties and celebrations of all types to go to, family gatherings, and don’t forget the Christmas shopping while you’re at it. December has to be the busiest time of year for us here at Isle. This week alone we have three rather large parties that we’re coordinating. Add to that a few meetings, a bump in deliveries, two markets and you have a perfect storm. Don’t believe me? Here’s what we have on our palate for the rest of our week:

If I hadn’t erased Monday and Tuesday already (I was so excited we survived I wanted to ERASE the memory<–see what I did there) there'd be a lot more dry erase ink on our boards. Suffice it to say, I think we might rival Jolly Old St. Nick.

So how do we do it? That is truly where the magic happens. It really comes down to two things: scheduling and manpower. Our scheduling is crucial in making sure everything in our day is possible. Things like a simple delivery to making baskets–everything gets logged somewhere on our calendar. From there, tasks are assigned but most of the time our staff pretty much knows who is responsible for what. Then there's the manpower. Luckily with UH in finals week, most of our part time staff is available to work extra hours.

Here's a few glimpses from the past week and what's been keeping us busy:

Set up from yesterday's tenant appreciation celebration at the Bank of Hawaii Waikiki Center

Our 50 basket pick up from Kapuakea today.

And here are all the Angel Tree donations we've been collecting at Waterfront Plaza as well as gift basket orders.

Of course I could go on . . . but I hear the prancing and pawing of little hoofs.

Happy holidays everyone!


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