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Custom Chocolate Creations

About two months ago I heard about Chocomize, an online company that allows you custom create your own chocolate bars. Being a concierge company, I thought a little research into these custom creations was in order. You know, so that we can offer our clients something different (what can I say, I’m a dedicated guy).

Just log on to their website and you’ll be guided through the step by step process of creating your bar. You start off by picking what chocolate you want to have for your bar (dark, milk, white) then choose up to five ingredients (or toppings) to go on your bar from about 100 different options. They have almost anything you can think of to put on a candy bar; nuts & seeds, fruit, herbs & spices, candy, decorations, and more! One bar can run you anywhere from  $5-$15, depending on your selections (and not including shipping). While this may seem like a lot to pay for a candy bar, you have to remember that what you’re paying for is the customization. And at less than $20, I definitely think you’re getting a deal.

So what did I end up with when I finally got my delicious goodies, er, I mean research? Take a look:

The bars are packaged beautifully and securely in their shipping boxes. Check out the sticker indicating that the contents of the box should be protected from heat.

Opening up the box yields a tightly packed insulated bubble wrap bag.

Inside the padded bag the bars are packed between two ice packs.

Once everything is unwrapped you finally get the the nicely packaged bars of your order and ice packs.

Flipping the packing over gives you information on just how much care went into creating your order.

For the health conscious there is nutritional information on the back also listing possible allergies.

To really get a good feel for what Chocomize could do, I decided to order two bars.

The first was a white chocolate bar (pictured above). What goes good with white chocolate? What else other than Oreo cookies. As for the rest of the ingredients, I decided to add some color to the bar so I threw on M&Ms and rainbow sprinkles. I have to say, when you take it out of the box for the first time, you are blown away by the visual presentation of what you just got.

For my second bar (pictured below), I went with the traditional milk chocolate. The milk chocolate bar had more of my favorites: toffee, graham crackers, and hazelnuts. As you can see from the pictures the milk chocolate bar wasn’t as flashy as the white chocolate, but I definitely liked it better.

So how did the bars taste? They’re pretty good. The quality of chocolate they use is pretty good on it’s own. And while I can’t speak for the tons of different ingredients on the site, the ones that I did get on my bars were on par with how they would taste if you had bought them separately in the store. Though, it all depends of what combination you go for.

Half the fun though is simply trying to figure out what kind of bar you’re going to make and then seeing it for the first time when you open up your package. If you want party favors or giveaways that are a bit more different and unique, then Chocomize might be the answer.


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Baby Cake Boom


I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Cupcakes that make people crazy happy. They’re such happy looking baked goods that are in the perfect portion for indulging without going overboard. What’s not to love?

Though cupcakes have been found at bakeries all over, there is one company that truly put baby cakes on the map. It began in Beverly Hills when Candace Nelson and her husband set out to make a shop specifically for cupcakes and cupcakes alone. Partner the cuteness of these little cups of joy with the high profile location of Beverly Hills, a slew of celebrities, and Oprah… Boom! goes the dynamite. Cupcake nation was born.

Hokulani Cupcake Film

While Sprinkles took over the cupcake scene in the mainland, a similar husband and wife team was bringing the cupcake craze to Honolulu. Ana & Tushar Dubey opened Hokulani Bakeshop in 2005 and have been cranking out decadent morsels ever since. I’m sure you’ve heard about their infamous red velvet that has brought many island locals to their knees… or you’ve been one of those lucky people that have been taken a back by their amazing cream cheese frosting.

Well cupcake fans that work in Downtown Honolulu, indulgence is coming to your neighborhood. This week opens a new chapter for Hokulani Bakeshop as they open their second location at Pioneer Plaza (in the former San Francisco Salad Company space). I can hear all you downtown workers doing a little dance and getting all giddy. Don’t freak out… that’s natural…. it’s one of those cupcake side effects.

Be sure to see what their Grand Opening week at Pioneer Plaza has in store. I’m sure you’ll walk away with a smile on your face 🙂

Hokulani Bakeshop at Pioneer Plaza

p.s.- This isn’t the end of cupcake news in the downtown area… another cupcake shop is coming to your neck of the woods, but that post is for another day.

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Christmas in October?

Did you know that Christmas is only 9 weeks away?

So get your Santa hat on and head out to that oh so favored store of yours:)

But what to do for that amazing secretary of yours, that helped keep your head on all year?  And what about that business partner of yours?  You can’t just give him a tie, right?  Oh!  And don’t forget about all those lines you’ll have to stand in!

Don’t panic! Isle Concierge will be hosting two Corporate Gift & Trade Shows this October to give you a head start on the Christmas Rush.

What is a Corporate Gift & Trade Show?

A Corporate Gift and Trade Show is an event where vendors that provide corporate products, come directly to your front door and provide you with information about the products and services they offer.  Here, you will be able to see, touch and ask questions about their products and what they offer.  Rather than you going to some random store (and asking bob who stock shelves), we brought the experts right to your front door so that you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect gift for your corporate clients.

Who are the vendors at the Corporate Gift & Trade Show?

As mentioned earlier, we’re bringing in the experts that provide corporate products.  Here are the vendors that will be showcasing their products at the upcoming trade shows:

Ala Moana Center

Bradley & Lily Stationary

Bucca Di Beppo

Dave and Busters

Halekulani Hotel Resorts and Spa/Waikiki Parc Hotel

Hilo Hattie

Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio Hotel

Hokulani Bake Shop

Honolulu Club

Honolulu Magazine

Luxury Row

Macaroni Bar and Grill

Mellow’s Antiques

Mortons Steakhouse

Neiman Marcus


Ola-Hawaiian Body Products

Planet Hollywood

Red Pineapple

Romanos Macaroni Bar & Grill

Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Tiffany & Co.

WorkflowOne – allinone

Down Town Island Delights & Simply Grape

I’m Interested, Where’s the trade show?

Please RSVP with Isle Concierge and come to one of the following trade shows.  See you there!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at the Davies Pacific Center Special Events Room

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at Ruths Chris, Restaurant Row at Waterfront Plaza

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