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November Nom Noms

Oh November… I’m so excited you’re here. Though Hawaii locals don’t feel the seasons, I always know when the Holidays are nearing. It’s not the overcast skies or the sun setting sooner, it’s food. For some reason, once Halloween is over I feel like I start to consume more food… Maybe it’s just me?

I think it’s because we know the biggest food fare of all is upon us this month… yes, Thanksgiving.

*happy dance*

In honor of November and the feasts to come, let me get your appetites going with my 2 favorite foodie sites…. WARNING: proceeding past this point will make you hungry. If you are on a diet, please close your window. Thank you.

Tastespotting.com & Foodgawker.com

Tastespotting Screen Shot

I discovered Tastespotting.com in the Fall of 2007 while I was hungry 🙂 The site was stunning. Beautifully composed pictures of culinary treats that made me wish I could 1) cook something so delicious and 2) take such beautiful photos. This is one of those great accomplishments of the social media! It has brought together people from all over the world who love food and photography and given them a platform to display their works of art. The even better part is Tastespotting.com’s tagline… “A Community Driven Visual Potluck”. Snaps to you Tastespotting…. that was a good one.

Tastespotting is addicting… Thus, in June of 2008 when a note was put up on their site saying it would be shut down, the online foodie community died a little inside. People were shocked, others were extremely sad… I personally was going through withdrawals. Where were we going to get our fix?

Food Gawker Screen Shot

A day later Foodgawker.com was born. Foodgawker is an almost exact replica of Tastespotting… delicious looking food photographed like supermodels (or as other bloggers have put it “Food Porn”). Our foodie lives were saved and the community returned to its contributions of foodie pics, and people like me visually feasted. Everything started to feel normal again, but then another surprise!! Tastespotting was resurrected a few weeks later! *sigh* Long story short, we now have two equally fabulous foodie sites allowing everyday people to share their beautiful food with fans of all culinary creations. Do I have a favorite? Not really. I don’t discriminate when it comes to food 🙂

So if you feel yourself having a case of the Mondays, don’t fret… stroll on over to Tastespotting or Foodgawker and take a visual bite. You’re bound to stumble across something that will lift your spirits and get you through the work week. Something like this…

Food Gawker Doggie Shaped Cookies

Have a great week!


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Belated Birthday – Mamma Mia!

So my moms birthday is on may day and we finally celebrated it last night by going to Mamma Mia! and Shokudo.  One word that defines last nights experience: EPIC.

The night started off with Mamma Mia! an epic story based off of the music of ABBA.  The show started off with a sea blue back drop and a myriad of songs from the show.   The music pulled you into the performance and the curtains were lifted, revealing a Greek Style setting.  From that moment until the end, the show was fast paced and high energy. Each of my family members had a great experience, and is thankful that they were able to go.

My sister, loving plays and musicals was engulfed in the story and sang along with the songs, so much so that I had to give her that “be-quiet-or-else” stare.  She was mainly impressed with the power of the actors voices as well as the fact that they only used two main props for the entire show. All throughout the show, she felt the need to point everything out to me (and everyone else around her) due to her excitement… I had to point out to her that the lady next to her probably saw the huge boat being dragged in from the sides of the stage (big boat: kinda hard to miss right?).

My dad, (not so much a musical type of a guy) enjoyed the entire show (and stayed up for that matter — unlike his experience with “Phantom of the Opera”).  Even he was up on his feet at the end, clapping along to their three end of show songs: “Mamma Mia!”, “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo”.  He liked the old seventies style dress wear that they had on as well as the quick costume changes that made the story line so much more interesting.

Throughout the entire night, my mom never failed to mention that Mamma Mia! was “fabulous”.  She enjoyed her self by taking loads of pictures and singing along to the songs.  Overall, the birthday girl was (as she likes to put it) thrilled to have been able to go to such a wonderful show.  She is now looking to possibly attend the performance of the Pussycat Dolls.

And then comes me;)

The aspect of Mamma Mia! that I enjoyed the most was not so much the music, costumes, setting or lighting… but rather the company of my family.  Throughout the musical, I enjoyed looking over to my mom and dad, singing along to the songs that they knew, bobbing their heads and grinning and the awesomeness (yes: awesomeness) of the show.  I loved the fact that my mom enjoyed her belated birthday and took millions of pictures (complaining that she would refuse to take another picture with my dad if he didn’t smile — he ended up grinning ear to ear).  I really enjoyed sitting next to my sister – being the big music buff that she is.  I somewhat enjoyed getting the play by plays as well as the constant “oooh! did you see that?” or hearing her signature laugh all throughout the scene with the male performers, dancing in scuba diving gear (flippers and all).  The part that was by far my favorite you ask?  The finale.  I found it amazing how the cast was able to get EVERYONE off of their seat, clapping and waving their hands in the air – was this a musical or a concert?  Besides that fact, it was a great experience, standing amidst my family… just being a family;)

I would recommend anyone to go a head and watch Mamma Mia! (Even more so, please go and watch it with your family!!).   Sadly, last night was Mamma Mia’s! Finale night… so if the opportunity every comes along again: go for it!

Sadly, like all good things… they must come to an end, and for my family – the end was signified by moms fameous: “where are we eating? I’m hungry.”

After delegating (and fighting our way out of the parking garage), we landed on the restaurant: Shokudo.

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