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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

We’re all busy people. Getting up early, sitting in traffic, spending all day in the office… who really has time to get in a good work out? Or more importantly, why would you want to go running after a long day? I’ve tried to go to the gym regularly, but that got boring really fast. I had these spurts where I’d be really good about getting to the gym, but after two weeks I’d fall off the wagon for the rest of the month then have to start all over again. I finally realized that I needed to find something I loved to do. Something that made me want to be there like when I played sports.

The Studio

Photo by Bruce Asato | Honolulu Advertiser

My brother Matt and I discovered The Studio by Egan Inoue in the Fall of 2008. I was nervous and I am not a fan of trying new things, but Matt was excited and jumped right in. For two months I listened to him rave about the classes and how much fun they were.  It peaked my interest… Being a former athlete and someone who often feels the need to hit something, I figured it could be fun… so I shrugged my shoulders and said, sure… why not. I’ll give it a go.

My first class at The Studio was on a Saturday at 10:30am. I was terrified because my older brother bailed on me and I would be going through my first class on my own (so supportive… thanks Matt!). To be honest, I was afraid it was going to be way too intense for me and that MMA fighters were the only people that attended. To my surprise, I walked into a room of everyday people smiling and welcoming me as the n00bie. I guess they could see my anxiety because everyone kept telling me “Don’t worry… we’ve all been there. Just do your best.” I stretched until class was ready to start and then I was met with another surprise… Egan Inoue himself would be teaching the class. Yes… Egan Inoue… you know, the five-time Icon world champion and two-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion? Yeah that guy… He would be teaching the first class I ever attended at The Studio. I was surely going to die. As I quickly started scripting my obituary in my head,  Egan walked straight up to me with a smile on his face and introduced himself. This man is seriously, the nicest guy you will ever meet. So I scrapped my mental rendering of my obituary and finally said, let’s do this! So with an extremely supportive class and an amazing teacher, I set off on what would become my newest addiction.

Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing | Photo from The Studio Hawaii Website

Kickboxing Class combines standard Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques (i.e. punches and kicks) with strength and conditioning exercises (i.e. Ab work, squats, push ups, etc.). The best part about these classes? They’re never the same. One day we’ll do plyometric drills outside. Another day we’ll do a circuit with different stations. You just never know what they’ll have in store for you, and that’s what keeps me coming back. It doesn’t feel like you’re working out, it feels like a hobby. You want to be there no matter how hard the coaches push you and it does become addicting. Not to mention you can’t help feeling like a badass while you’re on the heavy bag. I don’t know what it is… but the Rocky Theme Song always plays in my head when I’m there. I’ve been dying to have that on the work out playlist… but I digress.

If you’ve fallen into a work out rut and you’re like me (hates running and gyms), my advice is to find something you love. It may be something you’ll initially be afraid of but you should go for it! If you would like to join me in my obsession, you can find me at The Studio. Your first class is free and you can even get a free week pass to try out all of the different types of classes (They have yoga, jiu jitsu, and strength and conditioning classes, which are also very popular). If you happen to be cruising at Manoa Marketplace at around 5:30pm on a Mon or Tues and see me jumping rope… please don’t make fun 🙂

The Studio by Egan Inoue is located in Manoa Market Place near Bank of Hawaii. Contact them at 808-988-6200. Click here to download their most recent class schedule.


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