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“Who’s your nanny?”

You have to go to work, and there he is: the love of your life.  He sleeps with you, cuddles with you, eats with you, listens to you and hangs upon your every word — and yet you have to go.  You can’t take him with you because you just can’t do it.  What are you going to do?  You know that if you leave, he’ll be staring out that window, awaiting your return.

Of course I’m talking about trusty ‘ol fido;)  When you’re away, your poor pet is forced to stay at home.  Some pets (especially the little ones) are prone to seperation anxiety and that’s the last thing any loving pet owner would want.

Never fear — the Hawaii Pet Nanny is here!

Starting up in April of 2005, Hawaii Pet Nanny is here to cater to your pet.  Offering them all the love and tenderness as if your pet was their own, this insured and bonded company is more than capable of taking care of your beloved friend. Each pet nanny goes through a background check, so feel assured that your pet is in safe hands.

These committed pet lovers are able to customize a package specifically for you so that it fits your specific needs and lifestyle.  Offering dog walks from Monday through Friday, pet sitting services and other luxury services.  Hawaii Pet Nanny comes directly to your home and takes care of fido in the comforts of his home so that they don’t have to deal with new surroundings and unfamiliar faces.

Give your pet what they deserve and call the Hawaii Pet Nanny to take care of your loved one today!


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