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Fur, Fluff, & Stuff


Incase you haven’t been watching our twitter feed (follow us!), we’ve been on a roll with our planning for the upcoming pet fair at Waterfront Plaza/Restaurant Row. B and I were on the phones yesterday, calling all of the local vendors who specialize in everything for pets and the response has been phenomenal! After a lot of messages, we’ve hit the core of the Hawaii Pet Community and they are all planning on joining us at Waterfront Plaza on “Bring Your Pet To Work Day”, June 26th.

I just got a call from Hawaii Pet Magazine, who is the source for all of Hawaii’s pet owners and they’ve been amazing! They’re being so supportive of our efforts to bring our pet community a fun event 🙂 So a huge mahalo to Hawaii Pet Magazine & their network of friends. 🙂

Right now we have some outstanding vendors confirmed… and this is only after 1 day!!! Here’s a preview:

We’re still accepting applicants so if you are in the area and would like to participate, hit us up! We’d love to have you join us.  Keep checking in for updates on our vendors and the great things they can provide for you and your pets 🙂


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