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Morning Miracles

I’m sitting in the office and working on our upcoming Pets @ the Plaza.  I was just about to call some vendors and get more participants and I see one of our tenants heading to the office.

Now, when you’re on my side of the glass all you see is someone walking very quickly towards the door — bull rushing towards the door, actually.  What’s to stop me from freaking out and being all jittery?  Did I do something wrong? Did I forget an order?  I know its not your tenant anniversary or something else, so why are you bull rushing my door?

I prepare my self for the worst.  I put down the phone because apparently I won’t be making any calls to Pets @ the Plaza vendors.

“Good Morning, How can I help you?… Oh you forgot your secretaries birthday?… Lei?… Gift Card?… Yes, we can do that… Yes… By today.  Uh huh.  Okay, I’ll have this to you in a bit.  Thank you!”

Rush order.  I need to somehow order lei and a gift card, pick it up and have it delivered directly to the office asap.

Heres the plan:

1. Call L

2. Make sure that the restaurants are open so L doesn’t have to wait around

  • Halekulani – great gift cards available! You can use them at any of their restaurants, services or lounges.
  • Tangos Contemporary Cafe – not open until 11 am.  Too bad – I need it ASAP so I can’t go with them.  Great food and vibe though;)
  • Shokudo – They have great food, great atmosphere, affordable food and great service – too bad they’re not open until 11:30 am.
  • Sansei – Great sushi & friendly staff;) But not open until 5:30 pm.
  • Longhis – Great staff, great view and a wonderful dinner selection!  AAAAANND you can just walk on in and pick it up at anytime — BINGO!

3. L Picks up the leis and the card

4. Write out the gift card

5. Make a cute birthday card

6. Deliver

In a matter of 48 minutes we delivered the gifts and simplified another tenants day;)

All apart of a days work right?  So next time you’re stuck in a jam, or even if you’ve got weeks to plan — trust in Isle Concierge to assist you in planning, brain storming, delivering or working miracles.

Now its back to planning for Pets @ the Plaza — what a busy day;)


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