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We’re Official

A new sign under our long standing logo declares that our office is the "Concierge & Information Center" for Waterfront Plaza.

“What do you do here?” That’s a question we frequently get at our office at Waterfront Plaza (the complex formerly known as Restaurant Row). With our office being on the ground floor and relatively high foot traffic that passes us by on a daily basis, each of us that works in the office usually has a stock response prepared for just such questions.

While answering this question comes with the territory of being a concierge, there are times when I just wish people understood that what we do is similar to services provided by the concierge at any hotel or resort you would stay at while on vacation . . . we provide help, information, and special expertise to the tenants, employees, and visitors to the property.

Well, to give passers by a better idea of what we do, we decided to have a new sign installed in our window. Though not as big as originally conceived, we hope that our new “Waterfront Plaza Concierge & Information Center” sign helps convey the message to everyone that we’re here to provide help and service.

And let me tell you something, it seems to be working. During the installation of the sign (the sign wasn’t even fully up yet), people started looking at it and came in to ask for directions for a tenant on property. YAHTZEE! The sign started paying for itself immediately! They saw the sign, understood it, and came in to ask for directions. Once the sign was finally up we did see a higher amount of walk in traffic the rest of the day.

Here’s hoping that in the coming days and weeks we have to answer less “What do you do here” questions.

Our sign guy Tim from TLT Designs installing our new window sign.


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