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We’re Official

A new sign under our long standing logo declares that our office is the "Concierge & Information Center" for Waterfront Plaza.

“What do you do here?” That’s a question we frequently get at our office at Waterfront Plaza (the complex formerly known as Restaurant Row). With our office being on the ground floor and relatively high foot traffic that passes us by on a daily basis, each of us that works in the office usually has a stock response prepared for just such questions.

While answering this question comes with the territory of being a concierge, there are times when I just wish people understood that what we do is similar to services provided by the concierge at any hotel or resort you would stay at while on vacation . . . we provide help, information, and special expertise to the tenants, employees, and visitors to the property.

Well, to give passers by a better idea of what we do, we decided to have a new sign installed in our window. Though not as big as originally conceived, we hope that our new “Waterfront Plaza Concierge & Information Center” sign helps convey the message to everyone that we’re here to provide help and service.

And let me tell you something, it seems to be working. During the installation of the sign (the sign wasn’t even fully up yet), people started looking at it and came in to ask for directions for a tenant on property. YAHTZEE! The sign started paying for itself immediately! They saw the sign, understood it, and came in to ask for directions. Once the sign was finally up we did see a higher amount of walk in traffic the rest of the day.

Here’s hoping that in the coming days and weeks we have to answer less “What do you do here” questions.

Our sign guy Tim from TLT Designs installing our new window sign.


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Baby Cake Boom


I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Cupcakes that make people crazy happy. They’re such happy looking baked goods that are in the perfect portion for indulging without going overboard. What’s not to love?

Though cupcakes have been found at bakeries all over, there is one company that truly put baby cakes on the map. It began in Beverly Hills when Candace Nelson and her husband set out to make a shop specifically for cupcakes and cupcakes alone. Partner the cuteness of these little cups of joy with the high profile location of Beverly Hills, a slew of celebrities, and Oprah… Boom! goes the dynamite. Cupcake nation was born.

Hokulani Cupcake Film

While Sprinkles took over the cupcake scene in the mainland, a similar husband and wife team was bringing the cupcake craze to Honolulu. Ana & Tushar Dubey opened Hokulani Bakeshop in 2005 and have been cranking out decadent morsels ever since. I’m sure you’ve heard about their infamous red velvet that has brought many island locals to their knees… or you’ve been one of those lucky people that have been taken a back by their amazing cream cheese frosting.

Well cupcake fans that work in Downtown Honolulu, indulgence is coming to your neighborhood. This week opens a new chapter for Hokulani Bakeshop as they open their second location at Pioneer Plaza (in the former San Francisco Salad Company space). I can hear all you downtown workers doing a little dance and getting all giddy. Don’t freak out… that’s natural…. it’s one of those cupcake side effects.

Be sure to see what their Grand Opening week at Pioneer Plaza has in store. I’m sure you’ll walk away with a smile on your face 🙂

Hokulani Bakeshop at Pioneer Plaza

p.s.- This isn’t the end of cupcake news in the downtown area… another cupcake shop is coming to your neck of the woods, but that post is for another day.

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Awesome Paw-some

So sorry for going MIA on all of you readers out there. Our team has been knee deep in work and events so we’ve put this on the back burner. I know, my bad, but this is life and as always there’s never enough time in the day.

Last Friday was our heavily talked about pet fair, Pets @ The Plaza and let me just say that it was so much fun. The weather was freaking me out, but as you can see it was a beautiful Aloha Friday. Things kicked off early with a bunch of dogs and their owners cruising through our main tent on the front lawn of the property. It was like pet networking out there. Lots of butt sniffing 😉

There were enormous Great Danes that chilled out on the lawn in Cocojor’s Cooling Vests. They were literally up to my waist when they stood up and I couldn’t believe how amazing these dogs were. The best part, which I sadly don’t have pictures of, was when the Hawaii Bird Guy had the parrots resting on these guys’ backs. It was quite a site.

We also had pets that were characters and dressed up. This was my favorite. The star shaped glasses were too adorable to not make you smile. Our friends at Pet’s Discount were giving out free toys, treats, & water to all the pets that attended (you see those packages on the table… yeah they were up for grabs). A huge Mahalo to them for all they contributed to the event and also helping me rescue a runaway tent.

All in all, it was a great event… probably one of my favorites. I loved being able to see people spending the day with their pets and seeing the interaction between everyone, human and non-human.  We hope to see you there next year with your four legged friends 🙂

What’s next on Isle Unplugged? Well I’m glad you asked 🙂 We’re reaching out to our community and bringing them together to promote a healthier at Hawaii.

Stay tuned for the 2nd Annual Health & Community Fair!!


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